Why Energy Healing?

Everything in our world is energy. We know this to be true because we can measure that energy. Many in the holistic community believe that the cause of all illness and disease, no matter if its physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological is a disruption in the natural flow of the energy often caused by some kind of trauma. The trauma can be very small, like an offhanded remark made to you by someone that just stuck with you, or very large like an accident or loss of a loved one. As the trauma is allowed to fester, unaddressed and untreated, the body begins to look for ways to get the individual to notice that there is something wrong that needs addressed. If left untreated, the trauma will ultimately show up as illness or disease. Energy Healing is a way to address and heal the trauma that has led to the illness or disease, no matter if it is physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual since they are all connected.

While energy healing in its many forms can be a powerful tool for whole being healing, it is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for traditional medical advice.

Meet Angel

As a child I thought everyone could hear and talk to the animals, speak physically with their families, and help people fell better with a touch.

I learned differently when I went to school, so I shut down my gifts to a large extent. About 20 years ago my gifts began to reawaken with intensity and I knew it was time to step into my light and use my gifts to help others. I’ve spent years studying various healing modalities, coaching, philosophy, human physiology, and healing energy. The more I studied my gifts, the more they developed leading to where I am now; using my mediumship, intuitiveness, and multidimensional energy healing to help as many others as I can.

About My Practice

May healing practitioners provide a menu of modalities that they offer and expect the client to choose what service they think will help them. I see the person as a whole and see all aspects of the individual as intertwined. My sessions are spirit guided and use all of my spiritual gifts that I have access to, as well as the modalities that I have studied. All sessions include a coaching aspect and may include “homework” to assist client the client in the continuation of their healing journey between sessions.

Book a Discovery Session

I’d love to learn more about you and see if we are a good fit to work together. To schedule your FREE 20 minute discovery session, please provide your email so that I can reach out with some scheduling options. We never spam and will not bombard you with irrelevant emails.

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